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With seamless integration, BlueCanary's cloud based software uses a powerful new AI approach to:
  • Forecast Demand
  • Enhance Revenues
  • Predict Stockouts
  • Improve User-Experience
  • Reduce Abandonments & Bounces

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The six steps to success

BlueCanary in Operation


BlueCanary monitors 100s of metrics for every page, SKU & category in real-time


Powerful AI detects variances, unusual events, trends, outliers & abnormalities


When an incident is detected, BlueCanary calculates and attributes a daily "page value"


BlueCanary then prioritises incidents by page value and sends real-time alerts


It also recommends how to fix the root-causes of detected issues


And tells you the best winning combinations to replicate across the site


Examples of BlueCanary In Action Delivering Significant Value

For illustration purposes only to show the powerful modelling and forecasting approach underpinning the BlueCanary solution.

Metric Information


We guarantee you'll get 100% + return on investment

Content errors, performance issues and glitches on your site can easily result in lost revenues & damage to your brand's reputation. A decimal place out on pricing, the wrong image, incorrect product description are amongst dozens of contenders.

There are also occassions where specific combinations of site metrics and purchasing patterns point to latent demand which once identified can be used to deliver targeted campaigns to drive sales and further enhance revenues.

This is all made possible by BlueCanary’s powerful AI which monitors, detects and alerts, on a mix of 144 different error types, thousands of site metric combinations, plus a raft of critical site performance issues and adverse user-experience problems.


With AI-powered assistance

As product lifecycles get shorter, consumer behaviour is harder than ever to predict. But with BlueCanary's AI assistance, you can take the stress out of range planning decisions and feel comfortable writing those large PO’s.

It means you can remain agile in your planning process, with the confidence that comes from data driven forecasting.

Importantly, BlueCanary brings shared visibility for the planning, buying and merchandising decision makers, who can act confidently to adjust campaigns and purchase orders based on the freshest data.

BlueCanary's powerful makes this possible by modelling consumer behaviour within the AI generated sales forecast. This makes for a more robust solution with far greater foreacasting accuracy.


Avoid lost sales at crucial times

Adjusting forecasts, promotions and marketing to maximise margin and avoid stock-outs is a constant balancing act.

In peak times, and with too many SKUs to manage, the task becomes totally reactive instead of proactive. With an AI assistant, you can stay on the front foot for longer and maximise captured revenue.

And crucially - with BlueCanary, you can quantify the impact of your improved decisions, and credit your team for their great performance.

This is all made possible with BlueCanary's pattern recognition AI that looks across hundreds of metrics in real-time to identify the tell-tail signs of a forthcoming sales uplift. Now you can act in advance, assured you are ready to secure the business.


Avoid lost sales at crucial times

BlueCanary doesn’t just look at one metric in isolation. Anyone can do that! The real story is usually in the combination of metrics.

It’s all about the ‘so what?’. Yes traffic is up, but so what? Traffic is up but time on site and conversions are down. That’s an alert on traffic quality, did the weekend’s social campaign bring us the right people?

Really though, who has time to look at all those combos in real time? BlueBlueCanary does.

And it bubbles up just the most important combos for your attention, ranked by financial impact, so you can delegate the fixes and get back on the front foot.

BlueCanary uses a combination of machine learning and data science modelling to build multivariate models that factor-in data from 100's of metrics to forecast high-probability outcomes in real-time.

Platform Features

A multitude of advanced features and capabilities at your fingertips

Code-Free Integration
SKU Level Modelling

Some Hero SKUs are going to be driving the bulk of changes in your monthly sales sheet. Quickly hone in on the success stories and replicate them quickly across the range.

Daily Page Value

With BlueCanary you get to see how much each page (product, category, etc) is worth to your end of month sales total. Line them up and work out which ones are going to get your attention, and which ones you’re going to delegate. Work out your gap to target and business case your required changes in the FD’s language!

Seasonality Forged-In

Accuracy is enhanced by taking into account day of week, week, month, year on year, seasonal and key events e.g. Black Friday.

Real-Time Alerts

Get important notifications via Email & SMS to alert you when BlueCanary identifies pending stockouts, missed sales opportunities, user experience problems and so on.

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